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Brand: 9020shoes

Vamp material: PVC

Sole material: PVC

Heel style: thick bottom

Style: Leisure

Production process: molding

Insole material: PVC

Popular element: rivet

Applicable population: young people (18-40 years old)

Application: Daily

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  • Jeffers dor sonsweers https:apple.com 560393
    Bought my first pair on a lark because they were on sale. This purchase makes my 5th pair. I have had several surgeries on my feet and right ankle so Crocs have made the perfect shoe because the toe box is very wide (to accommodate swollen feet) and the shoe bed provide arch support and an inch of solid cushioning. That cushioning helps people with arthritic knees or bad backs in a way that no house shoe will ever do. *Do not leave your Crocs out in the direct sun or out in freezing temperatures because they will shrink or otherwise deteriorate since they are a rubber-like material.
    1 year ago
  • OIPesVrhDoEtc
    When I tell you I hate the idea of Crocs, there is no other word to use. I hate them. Not because they are a bad shoe, not because they arent comfortable, no. I hate Crocs because of what they represent. "Old Man".. Yup, my kids said I am officially an old man for buying a pair of shoes based purely on comfort and not style. I purchased these for use around the house as well as the campsite. We go camping often, and having footwear that can be easily put on, was a must have. My Daughter who is in a Nursing Class in school wears her Crocs often, and honestly, I believe those in the Medical field are the only folks that should wear Crocs outside of the home. Yes, I am that guy. I will not leave my bedroom without something on my feet, so having something like Crocs has been quite convenient. Fit.. These things suck to wear without socks. Even with all the holes throughout, they still cause your feet to sweat. The Sweat can lead to foot odor, and it is the foot odor only pigs could appreciate. It is bad. My dogs see me in the Crocs and immediately vomit all over themselves. I think they prefer to smell like vomit than to smell my Feet after a day of bare Croc wear. Wearing them with Socks must be what they are designed for, but if you do this, buy the size bigger than you would normally buy. I wear a 10.5 mens US, so I ordered the size 11 Crocs, and with socks on, the fit it quite snug. Wearable for sure, but not as convenient to slide on as intended. Crocs are comfortable, convenient, and easy to keep clean. They are a great Slipper alternative, and are even Daily wearable. They live up to the hype, and I should have purchased them sooner. I refuse to be the "Old Man" my daughters call me, so I will deny owning Crocs, and will only wear them at campsite and during Holloween while wearing a mask.
    1 year ago
  • LBTYqhjfIGAcCJk
    As a 34 year-old, long-time Crocs wearer, I have owned many pairs of Crocs flats, sandals, rain boots, and slippers, but I had never bought a pair of Crocs Classic clogs. Spending all our time at home lately has left me wanting a pair of shoes that I can slip into quickly when heading out to the backyard, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and finally get a pair of Crocs clogs for the summer. I chose these Crocband clogs because they are a relaxed fit versus the roomier fit of the Classics and the Bayabands. I have fairly narrow feet and was concerned they'd be swimming around in roomier fitting clogs. I also wanted a heel strap, and while I love the narrower trim fit of the Crocs Freesail clogs, they aren't offered with a heel strap. I am a true size 6.5 shoe, and have always worn and been comfortable in size 6 Crocs. After reading reviews of Crocbands that they run small, I opted to order a size 7, and they JUST fit. They are comfortable, but my toes just touch the toe of the shoes. My advice is absolutely to size up, as these seem to run at least a half size too small. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, when I first put these on my reaction was, "Ugh, oh well. Guess I'm sending them back.". Crocs clogs definitely make a smaller foot look clunkier. That being said, I gave them a second chance and it really didn't take long for them to win me over. The white Crocbands I chose have a classic white sneaker look to them, and while they are roomier than I'm used to wearing shoes, they are just undoubtedly the most comfortable shoes I own, and have a cuteness I didn't expect them to have. Overall, and thanks to the input of other reviewers to size up, I'm very happy with my choice and know I'll be getting a lot of use out of these Crocbands this summer!
    1 year ago
  • qXKoPWeBsn
    Love them. Like walking on clouds. People will make fun of you, but screw them. Show that you have enough confidence in yourself to wear Crocks out. It builds character, and chicks love a man that exudes confidence. I wear a size 9 all day long and have for years. However I had to get the size 8, so here's what you do. Order your normal size, and then order a size smaller than usual at the same time with the intention of sending one back. That's what I did, and you'll thank me later. The way they are built, one size smaller might work better for you. If I wouldn't of order a size smaller at the same time I wouldn't have know how well they can fit. The size you don't want is totally easy to return at any UPS store. ProTip. Crocs with Socks is the only way to go. So soft and comfy, like walking on baby butts.
    1 year ago
  • zqgiHNnbGa
    I love these! I got the blue and grey ones so I think kinda cute! I bought these as house shoes. Honestly I'm embarrassed to wear them around in any other capacity. I originally bought them in a size 7 women's but they were very small so I exchanged them for an 8. My second toe is longer than the rest of my toes and it prevents me from wearing the back strap around my foot but I just use them around the house anyhow so it's not really an issue for my wearing purposes.
    1 year ago
  • vzgwslxKmajpfBN
    I must confess my love, even fanaticism for Crocs by this point. I personally own about 25 pairs. As an older guy, although I dress well, I do tend to go for comfort, and there are so many nice Crocs now, that I find that there is a pair to compliment my every mood or outfit. Also, I love a pair of shoes I can clean after wearing them, particularly during the pandemic!. Outside of the many suede clogs I have, I find that I favor the Bayaband Crocs, as they have more personality than the no frills ones. They look great with khakis, jeans or linen pants, and really have become sort of 'my style' by now. Top it all off with a loose fitting button-down shirt, a nice watch & sunglasses and you will not only look great, but feel great as well.
    1 year ago
  • BYVmfNjUudOT
    purchased these for my granddaughter as a birthday gift. She hates shoes that require any work and has stinky feet. I thought these would be easy and have breathing room. She loves them and they have become her 'go to' shoe. she was still wearing them when the snow started falling so I purchased her a lined pair for christmas. I don't think she'll ever wear another shoe type!
    1 year ago

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